Your Seacoast Relocation Guide

Come Explore the New England Seacoast

The Seacoast is an absolutely amazing area filled with charming beach towns, beautiful rolling countryside, breathtaking rocky shorelines... and so much more. If you're looking for iconic New England lighthouses, white-sand beaches, an endless array of outdoor adventures, and plenty of charming Downtowns to explore, you'll find everything you seek (and so much more) on the Seacoast. Come discover all the fun this beautiful coastline area has to offer.

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Discover the Seacoast

Beautiful Shorelines

The Seacoast is an area where you can relax on a white-sand beach, catch a ride on a wild surf, and close your eyes to the sound of waves crashing on a rocky shoreline. It's a place where you can shop quaint downtown markets steps from the beach or visit to a secluded slice of shoreline without a soul in sight. It's a place where you're never far from the ocean, no matter where you are.

Amazing Events

There's always something happening on the Seacoast! Whether it's the New Hampshire Fall Festival, the Durham Day Festival, WinterFest, Market Square Day, or the Portsmouth Farmers Market, the Seacoast is absolutely filled with fun events to enjoy... all year round.

Iconic Lighthouses

Take a lighthouse tour of the Seacoast, because nothing says "New England" quite like a stoic lighthouse keeping vigilant watch on a rocky shore. You can find beautiful old lighthouses right in town—like the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse—or a short boat ride away—like Whaleback Lighthouse. And you won't want to miss "Christmas in July" at "Nubble" Light!

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Charming Downtowns

Portsmouth. York Beach. Kittery. Exeter. What do all these towns have in common? Their quaint, charming, and totally unique Downtowns! If you love exploring local shops, sampling local flavors, and browsing art galleries and businesses in a fun and bustling downtown area, then you'll absolutely love these Seacoast towns.

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Finding the Perfect Neighborhood in the Seacoast

Once you decide to buy a home in the Seacoast, you’ll need to figure out where to start looking! The Seacoast has a lot of great neighborhoods, both established and brand-new. So take some time to decide what type of home you’re looking for, what you want and need to be near, and what other features and amenities are important to you. Then, it’s time to start looking!

Spotlight Neighborhoods of the Seacoast


This beautiful little city isn't just filled with fun, with shopping, dining, and entertainment, with good living... it's also one of the Best Places to Live in America!


Just across the Piscataqua River from Portsmouth, Kittery is a world of its own wonders—beautiful architecture, stunning views, a fun Downtown, and even some Lobsta.

York Beach

Part of the Town of York, York Beach is a charming and fun-filled slice of beautiful beaches, Downtown fun, and endless activity all year round.

Buying a Home on the Seacoast

Found a few great neighborhoods you think you’ll love? Time to find home and get packing! But don’t worry, neither buying a home or relocating to the Seacoast needs to be a stressful process. Here are some of our favorite home-buying and moving resources.

Seacoast Home Buying Resources

Make Your Move Easy as Pie with Jim & Ann

Really want to make buying a home and relocating to the Seacoast easy? Give us a call to team up with Jim & Ann, and let us handle the bulk of the work for you. All you have to do is load up the moving truck!

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