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Top 10 Tips to Get Your Home SOLD

The key to getting your home SOLD (and for top dollar) is to make it really stand out from the crowd. Ideally, you want to get your home looking its best and find ways to showcase it so it appeals to the greatest number of buyers. It might sound like a lot, but there are actually quite a few low-cost things you can do to make your home more impressive.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for getting your Seacoast home ready to WOW your buyers.


1. Declutter & start packing up

Want to make your home look better? Get rid of some stuff! Removing clutter or unused items and increasing the space in your home will work wonders—without you actually having to change anything. If you plan on keeping some currently unused furniture or clothes, you might want to pack it up and move it into a temporary storage unit while you show your home.


2. Deep clean everything

There’s no buyer turn-off like a dirty home! Don’t let dust bunnies or too-friendly spiders ruin your sale; spend some time cleaning every nook and cranny before you even think of listing your home.

Concentrate on the big surfaces—floors and carpets, countertops, walls and baseboard, and windows—but don’t forget the smaller spaces, too—the insides of cabinets, corners, under furniture, shelves, basement, and garage. Don't forget to spend a little extra time scrubbing down the bathrooms, including sinks, tubs, toilets, and tile.


3. Depersonalize

The goal here is to allow buyers to see what your house could be to them, not what it is to you. To do that, you want to depersonalize a bit by removing anything that marks it as “yours”. That includes family photos, memorabilia, collectibles, posters, and more.


4. Repaint in neutral colors

Bright or bold colors might not be appealing to all buyers, and patterned wallpapers might clash with other furniture or decor. Lighten, brighten, and further depersonalize your home by replacing any of these bold colors or patterns with a neutral palette that’s both appealing and versatile. You don’t have to paint everything white, though; try variations of beige, grey, taupe, or cream in different rooms.


5. Let in the light

There’s nothing like a bright, sunny room! If you’ve got one, let it shine! Open windows, throw back drapes, and pull up the blinds. Let in as much natural lighting as you possibly can. For those rooms that don’t see much sunlight, or that don’t see sunlight at certain times of day, you might want to add some soft artificial lighting, like lamps or task lighting.


6. Don’t forget the curb appeal

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure yours is great! Take a walk down to your curb and try to see your home from a buyer’s point of view—does it need fresh paint or a power wash? Do your hedges or trees need trimming? Are your walkways clear? Could your landscaping use a touch-up?

If everything looks pretty good overall, you can add a few finishing touches—paint your front door, replace your house numbers and mailbox, and maybe add a fresh new welcome mat or some potted flowers to your doorstep.


7. Consider small updates

While you’re eyeing your home from a buyer’s point of view, take a walk inside and continue your perusal. What rooms or features could use a little TLC? Whatever you do, don’t try to tackle anything too big—totally redoing your kitchen or bathroom probably isn’t going to be worth the effort and expense.

Instead, try for some smaller fixes, like new cabinet hardware, fresh doorknobs, and maybe some updated faucets. For slightly larger updates, consider resurfacing flooring, countertops, or cabinets in both the bathroom and the kitchen.


8. Use professional photography

Nowadays, homes are found online. The majority of buyers start their search right from the comfort of their own homes. You might have a hundred nice things to write about your home, but a picture’s worth a thousand words… so it pays to focus on those photos.

That doesn’t just mean using the fanciest new smartphone camera; professional photography encompasses so much more than just high-res photos. Lighting, angles, and even various camera lenses all come into play when it comes to making your home look fantastic online.


9. Be flexible & make your home available

Buyers can’t fall in love with your home if they can’t see it—so make it easy for them to schedule showings at their convenience. That might take a little more work (and planning) on your part, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

Keeping your home clean and tidy will ensure it’s show-ready at a moment’s notice. You may also want to keep a short checklist of last-minute to-do items to take care of before you host a buyer, such as taking out the trash, washing dishes, or making sure beds are made.


10. Set the price right

You could have the most beautiful and immaculate home in town, but if it’s overpriced, it’s not going to sell. You’re not doing yourself any favors by listing your home too high—not only will it be competing against higher-end homes, it’ll likely be seen by the wrong audience of buyers. Overpricing ultimately leads to a price reduction and an overall lengthier sale.

Instead, start your sale off at the right price by asking an experienced local agent for a comprehensive market analysis and home valuation.

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